David Tao 陶喆 in Space – ‘The Talk & Rock Show’ – Concert (Jan 8, 2010, Singapore Indoor Stadium)

DT’s ‘David Tao in Space – The Talk & Rock Show’ line-up is perhaps a concert that fans who have followed his career for a while and appreciate him as a musician and artist in all sense of the word would appreciate most.

For one, there are sections of English rock classics that may not resonate with the Chinese base–Pink Floyd’s Another Another Brick in the Wall, The Eagles’ Hotel California, Lionel Richie’s Easy, Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade of Pale–to mention a few.

Then, DT omitted some of the most popular anthems of his own.  In fact, he declared half-teasingly at the start that he was not going to sing 普通朋友 as he was sick of it, “relenting” later but not before prohibiting the audience from clapping along as they might throw the rhythm into disarray.

However, what the audience got in return was a deeper understanding of DT through the singers, songs, and genres that influenced him as a musician and shaped his music.

DT shared that his father loved Elvis while his mother was a Peking opera singer.  This probably helped the casual listener understand why DT was one of the earliest Chinese singers to blend Western musical genres such as R&B into Chinese music, charting his own brand of “soul music” that propelled him to fame.

The setting of the concert was one of an intimate living room, and an all-male band ably accompanied him through both full-on rock anthems as well as acoustic love ballads.  Here are some clips for your enjoyment.

DT’s rendition of Easy (originally by Lionel Richie)

An acoustic 流沙

A plaintive 寂寞的季節

Susan 說, with its distinctive Peking operatic signatures

He did try to please his fans by including 愛,很簡單 as his penultimate number for the night