Teppanyaki chef at Ayodya Resort – Bali, Indonesia
June 3, 2007, 3:46 pm
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I mentioned in my earlier post that the culinary offerings at the Adyodya Resort Bali was unspectacular (check here for my TripAdvisor review), except for teppanyaki at the hotel’s Genji Japanese restaurant.  You can expect competent, though nondescript service, but the food is quite delectable.  Here is a pic of the food and some YouTube clips of the chef at work.  Bon appetite!



The Ayodya Resort Bali, Indonesia (formerly Bali Hilton)
May 23, 2007, 3:22 pm
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The Ayodya Resort Bali (formerly known as the Bali Hilton) harks back to the grand dames of the eighties, with sprawling grounds, verdant gardens, and a multitude of specialty restaurants, all in a single, expansive property.  However, the Ayodya Resort Bali is one grand dame in dire need of a major makeover.


The grounds are charming for sure.  It boasts a vast central lagoon which provides a habitat to a variety of birds, lizards, and fishes.  There is also a team of cleaners maintaining the estate in as pristine a condition as they can.   Step inside, however, and one can’ help but be disappointed.  The standard rooms, for example, are starkly basic, with carpets suggesting much wear, sheets hinting stuborn stains, air damp with mildew, and an underpowered air-conditioning system.


The decor at the restaurants (and it looked like only three of the eight or so were open) looks extremely dated, and the menu was uninspiring.  Quality of food, with exception of the Japanese teppenyaki, was dismal.  The Balinese theatre themed buffet dinner (usually a money-spinner) was canceled without a sound.  The disappointing choice of dining option and quality could be due to the low occupancy (bell hops and restaurant staff said it hovered at about 30 percent but it seemed lower), would be a poor excuse for a lack of quality.  Equipment at the gym looked like they had never been replaced since the inception of the hotel, and a distinctly musty smell permeated the air.


The pluses of the hotel would have to be its sense of space, old-world charm, a large swimming pool, and the fantastic Nusa Dua beach.  However, the same can be said for numerous other Bali properties of similar age, but have nonetheless reinvigorated their brand and upgraded their facililities to keep up with the times.




All said, the Ayodya Resort Bali would not be a hotel I would return to unless substantial upgrading was done.