Reflections on Chet Lam (林一峰)’s musical showcase at Huayi 华艺 2011 Singapore
February 8, 2011, 12:06 am
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Even though I have been listening to HK-based singer-songwriter Chet Lam 林一峰 for the past couple of years, I felt that I did not truly know who he was as an artiste until I got a chance to listen to him up-close at an intimate showcase of his music at the 2011 Huayi 华艺 presented by the Esplanade.

Through his explanation of the subtext behind his songs such as Victoria, I was able to glean the deeper meaning behind his compositions.  But the highlight to me personally was his soul-baring rendition of Dan Fogelberg’s “Leader of the Band.”  At that point, I finally felt that I was starting to understand who Chet Lam is as an artiste, and felt privileged to witness someone who so exemplifies passion, tenacity, and commitment to his craft.  Strum on, Chet, the Leader of the Band.

Below is a YouTube clip of Chet’s epilogue and rendition of “Leader of the Band” (abt. 2:48 mins into the video) during the encore.


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Hey David, how’re you doing? Noticed that you’re quite a Cantopop and Mandopop fan judging by the concerts you attend. Its been eons since I last attended any concert.

Comment by Walter

Hey Walter, I’m doing fine. How about you? Thanks for sharing your views on new media comms with my colleagues Aaron and Hidayah, by the way. 🙂 Yeah I enjoy mando and canto quite a bit. But I am artiste-selective. Haha… Loved the pics you took at nex Mall. But the parking there is madness.

Comment by sojourneys

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