The Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

Even though Marriott has been trying to reposition its Renaissance group of hotels as an upmarket boutique brand, wayfarers thinking about making the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel their abode should be aware that at this property, housekeeping means precious little beyond tucking up the bedsheets and changing used towels.

This was the state of the room I returned to after a day trekking about town.  The toiletries, which had been nearly depleted, were not replenished.  Used disposable cups were not replaced.  The ironing board and iron remain oodly placed next to the bed where they were left in the morning.  Even the stray TV remote control, which was thrown on the edge of the bed, remained in its precarious position after so-called housekeeping service.  In short, practically nothing seemed to have been tidied beyond literally tucking up the bedsheets and changing the towels.

This is such a shame because the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel, set in the foothills of the majestic San Jacinto Mountains, enjoys a prime location in downtown Palm Springs, has a great pool and lively pool scene, a gym with an array of machines that cover the core, and is well-connected to the charming and eclectic city with a glamorous history as a retreat of choice for the Hollywood jetset.


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