The Hong Kong Skyline

Of all the cities I’ve been to, Hong Kong offers one of the most evocative skylines. Towering beams of steel and glass heralding modernity and cosmopolitan buzz juxtapose with graying concrete housing, packed to claustrophobic density that bespeak its colonial days. Hong Kong is a curious mix of the frenetic dynamism of an economic powerhouse infused with a sense of genteel traditionalism.

The Hong Kong skyline by night is equally–if not more–transfixing.


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Nice photos of HK you got there David. How are you doing? We should catch up one day. 🙂

Comment by Walter

I’ve been to Hong Kong a few times and love it. The shopping, the food and the culture are magnificent. I appreciate the pics you’ve given on your site, cause I want to go back again soon. It makes me get itchy feet. *sigh*

Comment by Horace

WOW looks amazing, we are going to Hong Kong when we travel the world. So we should be there by Feb 2011!!

Comment by tildskie

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