The Hong Kong Skyline

Of all the cities I’ve been to, Hong Kong offers one of the most evocative skylines. Towering beams of steel and glass heralding modernity and cosmopolitan buzz juxtapose with graying concrete housing, packed to claustrophobic density that bespeak its colonial days. Hong Kong is a curious mix of the frenetic dynamism of an economic powerhouse infused with a sense of genteel traditionalism.

The Hong Kong skyline by night is equally–if not more–transfixing.


Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Thailand
August 5, 2008, 3:15 pm
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The Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Thailand, situated at the heart of the prime shopping beltway within walking reach of Central World, Gaysorn, Siam Paragon, and beyond that the Siam Discovery Center and MBK, is a hotel that befits its prefix. It also houses one of Bangkok’s holiest shrines.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Building_1_1 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Erawan_Shrine_1 by you.

The rooms are spacious, well-appointed, and immaculately-maintained, although the furnishings and over-use of wood hints at the era during which they were designed.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Room_1 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Room_2 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Room_4 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Room_3 by you.

Fitness and spa lovers will appreciate the expansive (and expensive) Club I.sawan, which boasts Italian-made Technogym machines with a view out to a bamboo-lined wall. The gym is hence called The Greenhouse.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Gym_1 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Gym_2 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Club_Isawan_1 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Swimming_Pool_1 by you.

The lobby features an all-day dining restaurant and lounge flanked by an interior promenade lined with European-inspired street lamps. The mezzazine floor overlooks the lobby via spacious balconies. Colonial pillars reach for the sky. All these design features combine to create the impression of a genteel European boulevard within the spacious lobby.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Lobby_2 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Lobby_3 by you.

Grand_Hyatt_Erawan_Bangkok_Lobby_1 by you.

Rates can be pricey, but occassionally the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok does run some specials, which make the stay worthwhile.