San Francisco Zoo, California, USA
October 9, 2007, 3:11 pm
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The San Francisco Zoo is another fantastic gem. Billed as California’s largest zoological park and conservation park, the San Francisco Zoo—like many of the city’s attractions—enjoys Northern California’s almost year-round temperate climate thanks to a confluence of its northerly location and the Pacific ocean to the west.

The zoo boasts a collection of some 250 animal species, and as of mid-2007, was undergoing refurbishments to some key attractions.  The newest addition, and surely the zoo’s pride and joy, is the new Hearst Grizzly Gulch.  It is now home to Kachina and Kiona, two orphaned sisters born in the mountains of Montana who were originally targeted for euthanasia for being “problems” after wandering too close to human habitats.


Their new habitat, while not as expansive as the wild places of Montana, nevertheless incorporates a 20,000- gallon pool, sunny meadows, heated rocks, and a mountain stream waterfall.  They were curious, playful, and seemed genuinely happy.

Other than a nice diversity of animals, the zoo is also brightened by an amazing botanical landscape with beautiful flowers in bloom.


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aaww… so gorgeous! I don’t know if I have some time to visit the zoo when I am in San Francs in Jan. But would be so lovely to go, seeing the beautiful pics you took.

Comment by priscilla

Hi Pris, yeah, if you go to SF, you must visit the zoo and say hi to the pair of twin grizzly bears from Montana! They’re an absolute delight and seem to take an interest in their human visitors. I am sure the interest is not culinary. 😉

Comment by sojourneys

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