Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California
August 4, 2007, 5:04 pm
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I find beaches therapeutic.  They are majestic and awesome in the roaring waves.  They are also soothing and peaceful in the quiet serenity.  They are a healing balm to the madness of the everyday.  Here are some pictures of SF’s Ocean Beach.


Adjacent to the Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, San Francisco is flanked by the Pacific Ocean on the one side, and the Great Highway on the other.


Wrapped in an almost year-round fog that is quintessentially San Francisco, Ocean Beach is known for its frigid temperatures and equally cold water.  Yet, because of its expansive beach and strong waves, it attracts a fair share of families enjoying a picnic, bathers trying to catch the rays of the sun, and some serious surfers.


Above all perhaps, Ocean Beach is a respite.  A place for one to ponder at the marvels of nature and the natural beauty of our earth.


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Beautiful beach bro… Looks like paradise to me, especially knowing how lovely San Francisco is. Sigh… I am getting too addicted to holidays!

Comment by walter

Hi Walter, yeah, I know what you mean! SF is truly one of the most beautiful places in the United States. It’s got something for everyone…a diverse, progressive populace, a bustling economy, the ocean, mountains, national parks…the possibilities are endless. No wonder it boasts some of the highest property prices in the United States!

Comment by sojourneys

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