Johnny Baron as Elvis @ Changi Airport Singapore – YouTube Clips

Here are some video clips I took of Elvis impersonator Johnny Baron belting out some Elvis hits. The third clip features excerpts of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, sung with great gusto. Enjoy!


Elvis Impersonator Johnny Baron at Changi Airport, Singapore

I flew in and out of Changi Airport over the weekend for a short jaunt to Bangkok, and my trip coincided with a nifty Elvis impersonation contest at the transit area.


 The event created a fantastic, lively atmosphere, as tourists and travelers gathered around to join in the conviviality.


Some took off their shoes, sat on the floor, cheered and swayed to the music, while I also spotted a couple dancing to a number of the slow ballads.


The event featured Johnny Baron, an Elvis impersonator from the U.S., belting out some well-known Elvis standards, as well as hits from Elvis’ contemporaries, such as Neil Diamond.

I’ll share some video clips I took in my next post.  Kudos, Changi Airport, for the untiring effort to keep the airport alive and abuzz!

A personal reflection – Lunch with former students

While this blog is primarily to share my travels and reviews, I hope I will be forgiven if I sometimes share more personal moments and reflections.

I had lunch last Saturday with a group of my former students.  All of them were Student Ambassadors of Republic Polytechnic, a student co-curricular organization I advised when I was teaching at the polytechnic.  Most of us have stayed in contact, thanks to the wonders of MSN, but it was fantastic to be able to meet up, and to see that all of them are doing well.

From the right, Haoxiang and Weixiong are from the pioneer intake of RP, and one of the earliest Student Ambassadors (or we as we fondly abbreviate, SAs).  Both are serving National Service now.  Haoxiang finds himself continuing the pioneering streak even while in NS, and I am glad that he is learning new and interesting things.  He is most likely to head to Australia for further studies.   Weixiong has been admitted to the Nanyang Technological University, but is mulling a move to furthering his university studies in Australia as well.  Fel just graduated, and is working in a hotel to gain practical experience while applying to a tourism and hospitality program at the Singapore Institute of Management.  Naj also just graduated, and will be heading to Wellington, New Zealand early next year to pursue studies in the biomedical sciences.  Jon is in his final year at RP, and like most Singaporean males, will be drafted into National Service for 2 years when he graduates.  All of them are young, talented, responsible youths, and I feel immensely privileged to have played a small part in their growth and development.

Above: A group shot of the SAs–in my opinion the greatest bunch of students around.

Above: Zhi Hui, Fel, and Haoxiang–all SA leaders I have worked closely with over the years.

Above: A group pic at our 2006 leadership retreat–next to me is Soon Lan, who was briefly co-advising SA with me as I prepared to transition to the next phase of my career.

Looking back, while teaching in Republic Polytechnic (and I’m sure anywhere else) has its share of hills and valleys, realizing that you were given a precious opportunity–and privilege–to play a small part in nurturing young people into mature, responsible, and thinking adults, makes it immensely fulfilling at both professional and personal levels.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California
August 4, 2007, 5:04 pm
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I find beaches therapeutic.  They are majestic and awesome in the roaring waves.  They are also soothing and peaceful in the quiet serenity.  They are a healing balm to the madness of the everyday.  Here are some pictures of SF’s Ocean Beach.


Adjacent to the Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, San Francisco is flanked by the Pacific Ocean on the one side, and the Great Highway on the other.


Wrapped in an almost year-round fog that is quintessentially San Francisco, Ocean Beach is known for its frigid temperatures and equally cold water.  Yet, because of its expansive beach and strong waves, it attracts a fair share of families enjoying a picnic, bathers trying to catch the rays of the sun, and some serious surfers.


Above all perhaps, Ocean Beach is a respite.  A place for one to ponder at the marvels of nature and the natural beauty of our earth.