The Erawan Shrine, Bangkok, Thailand
May 9, 2007, 2:02 pm
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The Chinese often refer to the statue as the Four-face Buddha, and countless devotees of all races and creeds flock to pay their obeisance at the Erawan Shrine (Thai: ศาลพระพรหม, San Phra Phrom), one of the most popular and potent religious embodiment in Thailand.


Contrary to popular Chinese parlance, the Erawan is a Hindu shrine, housing the much-revered statue of the four-faced Brahma or the Pra Prom, the Hindu creator god.  The current statue is also not the original.  On March 21, 2007, a mentally disturbed ex-soldier climbed over the low metal gates wielding a hammer, and proceeded to shatter what is one of the most venerated religious symbol in the country.  Religious and legal proscriptions notwithstanding, 27-year old Thanakorn Pakdeepol was assaulted by onlookers until he was comatose.  He died on the way to hospital.


The shattering of the four-faced Brahma was seen as a portentous omen for then-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was deposed by a military coup in September that year. 


The Erawan Shrine’s omnipotence can be attributed to the role it played in the 50s when the Thai government set out to build one of the city’s first luxury hotels.  The project met with repeated setbacks from cost overruns to worksite injuries.  The final straw came when a shipload of Italian marble meant for the hotel’s lobby sunk offshore.  After various spiritual consultations, a shrine to Brahma was erected, and the accidents ceased.  Word of the the Erawan Shrine’s prowess spread and its place in Thai spirituality was sealed.

Here are some clips of worshippers and tourists at the Erawan Shrine, nestled under the city’s towering skyscrapers and meandering skytrains.

Clip #1

Clip #2

Clip #3


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Hey David I like this travel blog of yours even better than the PR one. Ha ha. For me, I can’t discipline myself to maintain two blogs so I “chumpo” everything inside there. Well, at least it does attract some visitors now and then. BTW, you should also check out Jason Ho’s blog ( He has a whole bevy of beauties who visit regularly….

Comment by coolinsider

OMG, the girl wif the red bag is mey! I’m on uTube TV. 😛

Comment by Improbulus

Om Mani Padme Hum 108X,
Thanks for your information about Four Face Buddha for many people,I Hope San Phra Phrom give you blessing and lucky always.
I want give you mantram Four Face Budha 2 version
Version 1.Om Karabindunatam Uppanam,Brohmasapatinama Atikape,Su A Kate Pancapatunam Tisva,Namo Buddhaya Vandanam,Siddhi Kiccam Siddhi Kamman,Siddhi Kariya Tandakoto,Siddhi Teco Jayoniccam,Siddhi Labho Niranttaram,Sabbakammam Prasiddhime,Sabbasiddhi Bavantu Me .

Version 2.OM BRAHMA NEY NAMAH, Namah Kamal-patraksha Namaste padma-janmane,Namah Suraasura-guro Karine Param-atmane,Namaste Sarva-devesha Namo Vai Moha-nasana,Visnor-nabhi-sthita-vatey Kamala aasana-janmane,Namo Vidrum-raktaanga Pani-pallava-sobhine,Saranam Tvam Prapatro-asmi Trahi Maam Bhava-sansritey.
Ok my friend,tq so much.

Comment by Rudy wiguno Karno

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Hi, for everyones best luck and keeping with tradition. It would be wonder for if there were 4 clips of the video, and from each direction. Chok Di Na Krap

Comment by Kharami

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